Weather Forecast

Iceland is renowned for its wild and unpredictable weather. Fair weather can change into a rain storm in minutes. Keep this in mind at all times, particularly when travelling in the highlands. For every 100m in altitude gained, you can expect the mean temperature to drop by 0.6°C and precipitation to increase. The temperature can drop below the freezing point even during summer & wind force can multiply around mountain summits which makes it even colder.

When planning your trip we urge everyone to monitor the weather forecast regularly in the days before the planned departure and then on daily basis (morning & night) during your stay. If you have some flexibility in your travel plans a good advice would be to monitor the forecast and aim for areas offering the best weather & visibility conditions. The forecast is relatively reliable 36 hours ahead of time. If you wish to view current status please press following link: IcelandWeatherForecast

Iceland is spectacular in the winter time and well worth a visit. But the Icelandic winter weather offers some additional challenges to the explorers. The weather will play an even greater role in the planning of your trip. The frequency at which roads are cleared of snow varies, depending on their defined service level. It is important to check road and weather conditions before setting off by phoning 1777 and 902-0600, checking the Teletext or visiting and

Winter adventurers! Remember that daylight is limited and most F-Roads are impassible in the winter time. Regardless of season or weather cheapjeep is open 365 days a year!