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On-and off-road adventures in Iceland is now affordable to everyone!
Your vehicle
Small Size Super Jeep 33" 4x4 - Class CX
Suzuki Jimny
  • Passengers: 4
  • Suitcases: 2
Small Size Super Jeep 33" 4x4 - Class CX

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual | Drivetrain: 2WD/4WD HI/LO | Engine: 1.3L 4 Cyl Gasoline | Fuel capacity: 40L

Other choices
Modified Jeep 38" 4x4 - Class XX
ISK 48,500 per day
ISK 288,575 per week
Super Jeep modification, 38" tires, high and low gear, ready for the highlands.
Super Jeep 35" 4x4 - Class AX
ISK 38,900 per day
ISK 245,070 per week
The Super Jeep is a true Icelandic-style offroad'er, modified with 35" tall and 13.5" wide tires and body lift for the hardcore off road explorers.
Full Size 4x4 - Class A-5X 33"
ISK 14,900 per day
ISK 93,870 per week
Luxury full time 4x4 SUV with high / low gear selection and differential locks, ultimate choice for the tough terrain travelers.
Van Passenger / Camper Modified 4x4 - Class XY
ISK 64,900 per day
ISK 408,870 per week
Our monster truck is on 38" tires and seats 15 people. Special bookings.
Small Size 4x4 - Class C
ISK 8,900 per day
ISK 56,070 per week
The Jimny dimensions are ideal for both city driving and the offroad track in the highlands. A very versatile vehicle ideal for a couple even with a child.
SUV AWD - Class D
ISK 9,900 per day
ISK 62,370 per week
The Subaru Forester is an all-wheel-drive station wagon that negotiates gravel roads safely and has boot capacity to carry a family with holiday luggage! Not suitable for mountain roads.