Fuel Stations

In the greater Reykjavík area most fuel stations are open every day of the week, some of them for 24 hours a day and others from early morning until late night (23:30). Opening hours around the country site will vary from place to place where some of the pumps are privately operated. Many stations in the larger towns of Iceland have automats in operation during closing hours which mostly accept card payments and therefore you can not rely on paying with notes (cash). Most major credit cards are accepted as long as the pin/pass code is a 4 digit number (VISA, MASTERCARD and EURO credit cards). If your personal card is not accepted by the automat (self service) or if you have notes/cash only there is an option to buy prepaid fuel cards at most stations during openining hours.  

As illustrated on the maps below there are no fuel stations in the highlands. It is recommended to rent a spare fuel can for expeditions into the highlands and it is just as important to make sure you top up at the last station prior to entering the highlands.

Make sure that you fill your vehicle with the correct fuel type and check oil level and coolant level frequently. Be well aware of any warning lights and remember to treat the vehicle as your ticket to adventure!

Fuel discount tag from Orkan / Shell is included with all our cars. Orkan has always been amongs the lest expensive fuel providers in Iceland and they provide us with an addtional 5 ISK price drop per liter bought. You can visit the link below and read about their services and view their locations, it is in english. 

Orkan fuel stations 

Mynd, Orku kort, staðsetningar


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