F Roads

Aiming for the Icelandic interior via the Highland F Roads in a 4x4 Jeep can be challenging and at the same time a lot of fun. The fresh breath of air and the number of beautiful sceeneries are memories that wont fade away and are likely to make you want to visit again. Remember the importance of bringing along some food, drinks and warm clothing. Several factors like sudden weather changes, vehicle collision or a break down can leave you stranded for hours before help reaches your destination.


The Icelandic F Roads are normally open from early June until late September. Highland F Road opening and closing is announced by the Road and Costal Administration of Iceland. Road status can be monitored in an info viewer on their web. A key factor affecting the lenght of an F Road season is the weather. http://www.road.is


Plan your highland driving carefully and take into consideration that you need to cover the F Roads driving slowly. The road/track/path condition can vary and therefore require the vehicle speed to be constantly addjusted, even to a speed lower than one you would cover on foot (walking). Sharp rocks & stones tend to protrude from the sholder and/or the surface of the F road, driving into or over one can cut through the tire sidewall or tread leaving you with a flat.


River crossing is a common practice fot those traveling through the highlands of Iceland. Stay focused, keep your mind on driving the vehicle and your eyes on the road ahead of you! When approaching a river, slow down in time and bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Evaluate the situation before crossing, make sure that the water level in the river is not to high & the current not to strong. 4x4 system needs to be active/engaged and the river crossed slowly (low speed) in 1st gear. Keep in mind that your rental car is not insured when crossing rivers and waters.


The F Road driving requires the drivers full attention and concentration at all times. The higland is known for its amazing sceenery which tends to grab everyones attention including the drivers! For your own sakes please locate a parking spot nearby and pull the car over! The mountains, cliffs, steep hills, rivers, waters, sharp turns,blind spots and one-lane bridges can have a huge impact on your travel plans if the driver looses focus.


One-Lane Bridge is a common sceen all over the island. Not all of them have markings so you need to keep an eye out for it to be able to slow down or even completely stop in case there is oncoming traffic crossing the bridge.


Fuel stations are nowhere to be found in the highlands. Carrying a spare fuel can is highly recommended as well as filling the tank at the last station (closest to the highlands). Even though your calculations indicate that a full tank of fuel will get you across the highlands you need to add to them the possibility of high winds & tough terrain which can close to double the fuel consumtion in any car. It is also a bonus being able to start the engine and warm up the cabin without worrying to much about the fuel.