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On-and off-road adventures in Iceland is now affordable to everyone!
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Small Size Super Jeep 33" 4x4 - Class CX
Suzuki Jimny
  • Passengers: 4
  • Suitcases: 2
Small Size Super Jeep 33" 4x4 - Class CX

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual | Drivetrain: 2WD/4WD HI/LO | Engine: 1.3L 4 Cyl Gasoline | Fuel capacity: 40L

Other choices
Modified Jeep 38" 4x4 - Class XX
Modified Jeep 38" 4x4 - Class XX
ISK 15,990 per day
ISK 111,930 per week
Vehicle not available for the selected dates
Super Jeep modification, 38" tires, high and low gear, ready for the highlands.
Super Jeep 35" 4x4 - Class AX
ISK 12,999 per day
ISK 90,993 per week
The Super Jeep is a true Icelandic-style offroad'er, modified with 35" tall and 13.5" wide tires and body lift for the hardcore off road explorers.
Full Size 4x4 - Class A-5X 33"
ISK 19,900 per day
ISK 125,370 per week
Luxury full time 4x4 SUV with high / low gear selection and differential locks, ultimate choice for the tough terrain travelers.
Van Passenger / Camper Modified 4x4 - Class XY
ISK 69,900 per day
ISK 440,370 per week
Our monster truck is on 38" tires and seats 15 people. Special bookings.
Small Size 4x4 - Class C
ISK 7,999 per day
ISK 55,993 per week
The Jimny dimensions are ideal for both city driving and the offroad track in the highlands. A very versatile vehicle ideal for a couple even with a child.
SUV AWD - Class D
ISK 9,999 per day
ISK 69,993 per week
The Subaru Forester is an all-wheel-drive station wagon that negotiates gravel roads safely and has boot capacity to carry a family with holiday luggage! Not suitable for mountain roads.